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Cessnock Supports is an LGA wide initiative that brings counselling, education, referral services, and social support to people who need it.

Started with the support of Reflex Social Services, the Cessnock Freemasons, local business, and funded by the NSW government, its goal is to provide a supportive space that fosters the wellbeing and resilience of local residents.

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Whether it’s a couple of sessions to help you through a tough spot, or something more ongoing, we help people when they need it, and assist people in finding the supports that they need.


We also hold regular education seminars on a range of mental health and self care topics, using local professionals and their expertise to bring you top quality information.

Peer Support

We also create spaces in the community for people to come together, nurture their support networks, and build meaningful connections in a trauma informed, mental health affirming way.


Plus, good opportunities to meet new people.

About our service

Started with the support of The Cessnock Freemasons and the backing of local business, its goal is to provide a supportive space that fosters the wellbeing and resilience of the local residents.

Social isolation, mental health, and stigma surrounding personal and social issues continue to be pressing concerns for the people of Cessnock. With a community led and peer supported program like Cessnock Supports, these issues can be faced head on.

Our Sponsors

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Doing okay? Help out.

Support your community.

Our service is made up of and run by locals, for locals.

Regardless of whether you’re feeling great, or need a hand, Cessnock Supports needs people who want to connect with others in a safe environment.

If you

  • want to get to know new people
  • want something to do
  • are interested in learning about mental health

You’re welcome to sit with us.

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While we do currently have some government support, we need to work hard so we have the resources we need to keep the lights on after the grant period has passed.

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